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Petro Armina Energy Company, relying on statistics and information, continuous market research and sufficient knowledge of chemical, mining and agricultural activists, including producers, consumers, domestic and foreign trade, buyers, exporters and sellers, in addition to its independent activity , Is ready to market and sell the product of production units and factories and in the form of exclusive sales and domestic and export branding of goods, with the benefit of expert and knowledgeable experts and its extensive network of advertising and marketing, a stable sales market for products and goods Provide other institutions in this area.

In the field of foreign trade, the company’s activities include the following:

Import of chemical raw materials according to the order with reasonable price and high quality from the desired countries to the order of companies and manufacturing factories of the country according to the originality of chemicals

Partnership and cooperation with importers of chemicals in the field of marketing, sales and branding of imported goods.

Export of domestic products of the country’s factories that have export potential and capacity and have a comparative advantage in terms of quality, including chemical raw materials, minerals and agricultural fertilizers is one of the honors of this group.

Providing export services such as principled packaging, customs formalities and delivery of goods in each of the country’s exit borders.

According to the experiences and knowledge of strategies and executive contexts, consulting and stewardship for the sale and export of goods of domestic producers to neighboring countries to increase sales and exports of manufactured goods within the purchase of their raw materials, therefore from all producers of chemicals, minerals and fertilizers Agriculture and producers of agricultural micronutrients We invite you to contact and cooperate with this company to benefit from specialized export services for professional marketing and sales within the company.

Given the favorable conditions provided for the diversity of the country’s export portfolio, Petro Pars Arghavan has made activities in the field of commercialization of research results and production of new products one of its serious strategies, from all researchers and research institutes and research collections across the country The field invites cooperation.

It is hoped that this scientific interaction will pave the way for the easy production of some of the raw materials we consider and the country needs, including petroleum products, chemicals and minerals, and fertilizers, especially urea and other materials.

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