1. Buyer issues Purchase Order upon receipt in acceptance of seller’s Soft Offer.

2. Seller issues Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement Contract and Commercial Invoice for buyer’s review and signing.

3. Buyer signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement Contract and Commercial Invoice back to the seller.

4. Seller registers and legalizes the signed Sales and Purchase Agreement Contract.

5. NCNDA/IMFPA to be signed by all parties to secure payment Commissions.

6. Seller sends legalized contract and below Partial POP Documents to buyer as listed below:
– Certificate of Origin.
– Commitment to Supply.
– Product Passport.
– Statement of Availability of the product.

7. Buyer issues their Financial Guarantee DLC to cover Trial Shipment to seller’s bank in Seven (7) working days.

8. If the buyer fails to issue DLC in seven (7) working days, in alternative buyer shall make Security Guarantee Deposit of 1% via T.T Wire from the total value of the Contract of the first shipment to seller fiduciary bank account as performance to secure the allocation which will be deducted from the first shipment.

9. Upon confirmation of buyer’s DLC and Security Guarantee Deposit of 1% via TT Wire to Fiduciary seller’s bank, the seller will issue 1% Performance Bond, Full POP, and Shipping Documents via SWIFT bank to bank as shown below:
– Allocation Title Ownership certificate.
– Port Storage Agreement
– Charter Party Agreement to transport the product to discharge port.
– Storage Receipt.
– SGS Quality and Quantity Certificate.
– Bill of Lading.
– Vessel Questionnaire 88

10. Shipment commences and upon arrival of the vessel tanker at the discharge port, the buyer conducts SGS Inspection and makes the payment for the full shipment via TT Wire or MT103. And the seller pays commissions according to IMFPA.

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