D2 ,5000 PPM ,SCO

 In offers

SCO for D2 , 5000 ppm

Dear sir/Madam:

We, Supplier with full corporate authority and under Penalty and perjury hereby confirm our interest and readiness to supply D2 , 5000 ppm and enter into sales and purchase agreement with potential buyer.

INCOTERMS : Ship to Ship ( in Fujairah waters)

ORIGIN : IRAN (with Iraqi or Omanian documents)

MAX QUANTITY: Negotiable

PRICE : Minus 40 $ Persian Gulf Platt + 5$ ( 5 $ is considered for brockers teams )

PAYMENT TERM : By Exchange

SPECIFICATION: The Iranian specification for D2 ,5000ppm

INSPECTION : SGS quantity and quality


For starting the purchase process, The buyer will deposit the commission amount in an exchange office and then the seller will be introduced to the buyer.
After the seller checks the buyer’s documents and the buyer checks the seller’s documents, the buyer deposits a sum in the seller’s interest at the exchange, then the buyer performs deep test,
in the next step The buyer gives his ship details and other delivery matters will proceed .

ISSUE DATE : 2021 December 10

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