DIESEL , GASOIL ( D2,5000ppm )

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Product: Diesel (D2, 5000PPM)

Origin: IRAN (with modified documents)

Quantity: 50,000 MT

Delivery term: as STS in UAE waters
(outside OPL Sharjah or Hamriya in 10,000 ton parts).

Delivery time: about 3 working days after deposit money.

Price: Minus $60 Persian Gulf pellets per MT
( $5 is considered as broker’s commission the must be paid by Buyer).

Payment: By Exchange
( Seller deposits 10% of amount of contract and Buyer deposits 30% of amount of contract in seller’s exchange as performance bond, after SGS all amount of contract must be deposited by Buyer and after transfer the D2 to the Buyer’s vessel, the money will be released ).

To speed up the negotiations please contact me by WhatsApp on the below number :
or email to the below email address:

Best Regards

The CEO of Petro.Armina.Energy.Company (P.A.E.C)

Date of issuance:
21 January 2023
Date of vacation:
27 January 2023

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