SCO for D2 ,5000 ppm

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SCO for D2 ,5000 ppm

Dear sir/Madam:

We, Supplier with full corporate authority and under Penalty and perjury hereby confirm our interest and readiness to supply D2 , 5000 ppm and enter into sales and purchase agreement with potential buyer.


ORIGIN : IRAN (with Iraqi documents)

MAX QUANTITY: Negotiable

PRICE : 520 $ per MT

PAYMENT TERM : By Exchange ,
20% of amount for a 10,000MT part will be deposited in the seller introduced exchange , after announcing POP by seller , the rest 80% will deposit by buyer , and by submit the documents , the total amount of money will be released.

SPECIFICATION: The Iranian specification for D2 ,5000ppm

INSPECTION : SGS quantity and quality


DELIVERY TIME : After deposit ,the first shipment will be delivered around 7 days in 10,000MT shipment (it contains 2 shipment in 5,000MT quantity)

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